The Praxis Fab single turbo Z tuned by TrackTUNED set a new record for stock VG30DE block today.  Congrats to builder/owner Nick Maluso from Praxis Fab in Orlando!



Keep an eye out for the pass caught by the guys at

In the mean time, here’s a video from the night before, pulling away wheels up!



Photo credit: Christopher Yearwood

ArtyG has been offered the change to drive the STS class Nitti Racing Development FR-S at Dixie Region SCCA events this season.  In his second ever day of  piloting this machine around the course he finished 14th overall.  In the future he may be getting the opportunity of piloting the TrackTUNED turbo S2K owned by Will Bassett (xTERMINATIONx)!


We bought the Zeitronix Hacker/Tweeker AFR Gauge which was released as a bare bones unit for people who like to do their own customizations. The target destination for this little gauge was to be fit inside a factory cluster, behind the tach. Here goes:

94 Civic Tach with face cover off:

Using the template on Zeitronix’s site we were able to mock up for feasibility before ordering:

The white border is the gauge’s external 2D dimensions, and the window in the middle is the opening required for the gauge readout.

The paint got stripped off the window area both on front and back:

Once the paint was removed it was necessary to wet sand the area to clean it up after all the damage done removing the paint:

Then polished it with mother’s mag & aluminum polish (works with headlights so why not):

And then prepped for paint:

It was tinted with normal Lens Tint (two coats):

So the device finally arrives, after having done all the work above:

Using some screws, some nylon spacers, some washers and some lock nuts, and a dremel, the gauge was mounted down in the tach bowl, so that it sits at the right height to make contact with the back of the tach window:

A little bit of fine tuning got the gauge lined up in its window:

And we finally got to see it work!: